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stockvault-leaves109588 copyAt Tom Kelley’s  recent talk, he gave us a preview of his upcoming book “Creative Design” – which should be done this fall. But as Tom said with tongue-in-cheek “Amazon promised it this fall, so I need to hurry up and finish.”  He went on to say, “With my last book I’ve learned that giving people 10 things about innovation is too many for people to remember.  So with the 700 pages in the new book I boiled it down to three:”

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  • Start with Empathy
    • Visit people, don’t just look at forms and reports.
    • Walk in their shoes.
  • Nurture a culture of experimentation
    • Executives must learn the art of squinting – look at new ideas ask if you were squinting – it isn’t perfect but if you squint it looks perfectly promising
    • Avoid deja vu (feeling like you heard or saw it before) but instead flip it around, and embrace  vuja de (a feeling you never heard or saw before) 
  • Build a learning organization
    • Find cross polinators
    • Seek young ideas and find a “reverse mentor”
    • Consider open innovation[/fancy_list]

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