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Apple II (1977 - $1298 for 4K RAM)

Welcome to BizKnowlogy. Looking at an old Apple II reminds me how far the world has changed in less than 40 years.  The Apple II seems ancient. If feels like I’m visiting a museum and seeing Thomas Edison’s telegraph machine. The Apple was clunky; it was slow; it was expensive – costing over $5,000 in today’s dollars; it had no virtually no memory, holding a whopping 4,096 characters.

Today we have smart phones, tablet computing and smart devices everywhere. Facebook has more than a billion customers. Google answers more than a billion searches every day quickly and with remarkable precision. Amazon and Ebay sell millions of products, bringing customers and vendors together from around the world.  The internet now connects 34%, nearly 2½ Billion of the  globe’s 7B people.

Steve Jobs and the Apple iPad
Steve Jobs and the Apple iPad

We have clearly left the information age behind and entered the connected age. This hyper connectedness changes the boundaries; it changes the rules.  These changes, profoundly impact us. BizKnowlogy operates to connect with people, companies and organizations working in this new connected age, to understand it, to leverage it and to drive innovation for a better future today.




* $1298 in 1977 calculates to ~$5,120 in 2013.

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