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This optimistic view pervades our thinking, creating positive outcomes and expanding possibilities. Our five step vision casting methodology, helps companies stuck in problem mode move beyond.
BizKnowlogy 5-step Methodology


Envisioning success, the first step in the consulting process focuses on painting a picture of success. This allows both client and consultant to create a clear understanding on the desired outcomes. During this phase, the scope is further refined, to gain clarity on top-level objectives, risk/reward, values, concerns, constraints, or other known issues.

Outcome: Envisioned Success document, Discovery Engagement plan


Discovery is the bulk of the consulting engagement, where the key dialogue occurs. Although much of this phase is simply listening, for certain projects much deeper engagement is required. For example in workflow process redesigns, or root problem discovery, active listening may become active “doing;” to learn by performing a process.

Here, we identify the problem clearly on both the presenting and root challenges, select problem dimensions to study, pick engagement team members, decide data collection methods, and then collect, filter and summarize the data.  Discover may be an interactive process, where new information leads to new inquiries. Iteration is limited by project scope.

Outcome: Discovery document, Status report(s) /presentation


Findings from the discovery phase are analyzed and synthesized into recommendations. Future “could be” solutions are developed and a single “should be” solution is proposed. We condense findings into relevant actions that our client can control and implement.  Our primary goal in this phase is to help the client to come to a decision about which actions to take.

Output: Recommendations and Prioritization document (or Proposed Project Plan), Status report(s) /presentation


The Implementation step is where we assist our clients to implement the plans everyone has had a hand in creating. BizKnowlogy acknowledges this process is not just technical step-by-step execution, but a relationship and commitment to help an organization to change (innovate.) To this end, we foster trust, openness, and honesty, where team members can express their opinions or reservations fully, and in which listening and presenting occur in equal measure.

Outcome: Implementation Project plan, Status report(s) /presentation


With all work efforts BizKnowlogy focuses on delivering value in the process, the methods and attitudes we bring to all engagements. Innovation, and the adoption of something new, is an attitude, created from a sense of wonder with unbounded possibility. The wrap-up phase allows everyone to reflect on lessons learned, to determine next steps, to mark and celebrate the project success.

Outcome: Envisioned Success Wrap-up document

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