Technology Technology everywhere and not a drop to drink

samsung_galaxy_s4Go ahead pull out your phone – it doesn’t matter if its a smart phone or the original 2-pound Motorola brick. Explain to your friend how the cell phone works. Some of you engineer types might make a good show of it. Now I’ll make the next question easier. List just 50% of the jobs needed to make that phone work. Here’s some to get you going: electrical engineers, software engineers, model makers, touch screen experts, power design engineers, cellular transmission experts… and the list goes on with store clerks, purchasing agents, quality control, shipping/receiving…and on and on. Technology is an incredible ecosystem.  But like most ecosystems, there is an endangered species.  Watch the following video

The endangered species is knowledge — The Knowledge to build, and create new technology. So the next time you take for granted technology, consider that someone has to make it all work. Consider who will build tomorrows technology? Help yourselves and help the next generation.


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